Things the signs like. I thought I’d switch it up today instead of the usual Daily Horoscope let me know if you enjoy this !

Capricorn: coffee, ice skating, catching snowflakes with your tongue, photography, spoken poetry, thigh high stockings, skyscrapers

Aquarius: the color pink, constellations, traveling, tapestries, vinyl records, secrect handshakes, tie dye, the smell of incense

pisces: aquariums, the color blue, sand in between your toes, making new friends, ouija boards, rain, talking about the universe

aries: bonfires, neon lights, concerts, springtime, getting kissed on the forehead, the smell of smoke, diamonds

taurus: forests, the color green, antiques, card games, napping, reading your favorite book a second time, brand new bed sheets

gemini: carnival rides, the color yellow, staring at the clouds, climbing trees, the smell of lavender, dancing with your best friend

cancer: pearls, listening to sea shells, holding hands with the one you love, wearing a best friend bracelet, fireworks, being held tightly

leo: the smell of vanilla, gold, wrestling with your friends, glitter, grass stains, sleeping in until 1, bear hugs, kisses on the cheek

virgo: farmer’s markets, warm clothes just out of the laundry, finding new music, fireflies in a jar, candles, gem stone jewelry

libra: buying a new pair of shoes, smiles, handwritten notes, roses, disney movies, blanket forts, wind chimes, scarves

scorpio: halloween, leaves all over sidewalks, black cats, autumn, the smell of cinnamon, winged eyeliner, a brand new piercing

sagittarius: maps, going to the movies, camping, fireball whiskey, astronomy, making silly faces, laughing until your stomach hurts


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