Daily Horoscope April 1st 

Capricorn: There is someone in your life who you find completely exasperating. This person drives you crazy. Maybe this individual is a drama queen or an instigator, or just someone who gets under your skin and agitates your nerves on a regular basis. You may even go to extremes at times to avoid this person. Still, Capricorn, there is no way to avoid them completely. Try to think of your friend or loved one as a character in an interesting movie – like someone who you find amusing from a distance. It may help you to put this person’s personality in perspective, and help you actually enjoy the relationship in some way.
Aquarius: This weekend, Aquarius, you need to give yourself permission to have some fun. You need to allow yourself to let go of your worries. You need to banish your restrictions. You are deserving of a period of time when you can just be you without fear or aggravation or obligation. This is important because for too long now you have been burdened with a heavy weight on your shoulders. You aren’t thinking clearly because of it. Letting go – even for just a day or two – will give you a whole new perspective on your life, and a great push toward personal success.

Pisces: You may be padding or sugarcoating the truth because you believe that a certain person can’t handle the reality. You may think you are being kind and considerate because you wouldn’t want to hurt this person’s feelings, or disrupt their life. However, you can’t control everything and by modifying what you know to be real, you could be causing other problems you hadn’t even thought about. By misleading, Pisces, you could hurt your loved one’s feelings in a different way. The best way to proceed is to be gentle but truthful. This person is probably stronger than you think.

Aries: Timing is everything with a new venture, Aries. If you put it off too long, or you start too soon, you may not be able to capitalize on all of the possibilities this venture holds for you. That’s why you have to remain tuned in and alert, and be ready to pounce at the right moment. Even though you may have other things going on at the moment, this venture could be critical to your well-being and happiness in the years ahead, and a little extra focus on it will be worth it.

Taurus: You may find yourself with a choice today between the devil you know and the devil you don’t know. This may involve money or have something to do with your financial security. However, Taurus, there is really nothing to worry about. What you are seeing as a difficult choice actually hides some very auspicious possibilities for you. While there may be some tough aspects to consider, if you are careful and you make an educated choice, you can’t help but do the right thing.

Gemini: It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. We have all heard those words of wisdom from time to time, Gemini, but today they are particularly apropos to your situation. You may be trying to get a point across, and you may be very passionate about it. However, the words you choose, your tone of voice, and the timing you use to make your point will all factor heavily in the outcome. Since you are probably dealing with someone you know well, use that knowledge to your advantage.

Cancer: When Dorothy was trying to find her way to the Emerald City, the scarecrow pointed her in multiple directions all at once. He too was confused about how to get there. Or was he? Maybe the one who became her trusted guide was trying to save her from potential heartbreak in a misguided way. Someone may be trying to steer you away from something now, Moonchild, but if you feel you need to move forward anyway, then listen to your heart. Your heart will not steer you wrong.

Leo: Today is April Fool’s Day, Leo. You are no fool, but someone may have made you feel like one recently. This person may have betrayed you or deceived you in some way, and now you may be blaming yourself. Think logically for a moment. If someone else – someone you trust and believe in – took advantage of you, lied to you, or misrepresented something, then why on earth should you be the one who feels foolish? You are a good friend and a nurturing, caring person. Anyone who would take advantage of you is the fool. Move beyond this.

Virgo: Silence is golden. We are often taught to keep quiet from an early age. Children should be seen and not heard. And sometimes, Virgo, that fearful philosophy stays with us into adulthood. We are afraid to speak up. We are afraid to be different. We are often afraid to reveal how we are feeling. You will soon have a chance to claim an opportunity that is rightfully yours, Virgo. To do so, you will need to stand up for yourself, but first you will have to believe in yourself. Once you reach that place, there will be no way anyone can stop you.

Libra: You are a pillar of strength, a paragon of confidence, and a strong example of grace under pressure – or at least that is how it seems. On the outside, Libra, you are enviable. You are impressive. You are a force to behold. On the inside, though, you are quivering and unsure of yourself. You may think that it’s best to hide what you are really feeling, but if you choose a proper confidante, you may find that getting it all off your chest is just what the doctor ordered. You will feel freer and that will give you permission to grow stronger.

Scorpio: There is a place you want to reach in your life, Scorpio. It will require a big achievement. When you look at your situation, though, it seems as though your choice is between climbing over a mountain or drilling through it. Neither looks like an easy option. In fact, it may not even seem possible to you right now. Still, this is a goal that’s very important to you. That’s why you owe it to yourself to keep thinking and to figure out a way to do it. If climbing over or bulldozing through that mountain seems too tough, you could always go around it. It may take you longer, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Sagittarius: You may feel as though your guardian angel is either on vacation or just not very capable. Maybe you think you don’t have a guardian angel at all. Lately, it may seem like you keep encountering one problem after another, Sagittarius, and you may be starting to feel like the world is against you and no one is on your side. Your guardian angel is there for you, it’s just that sometimes you need to learn certain lessons for yourself. Once you figure out what your present lesson is, you’ll know that your angel was there for you all along.

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