Daily Horoscope April 4th 

Capricorn:You are perfectly capable of keeping pace with a fast-moving project today, Capricorn. What might really get to you, though, is a change in direction or a change of circumstances. You may think you have discovered and resolved every possible flaw in a process you are now working through, but that won’t prepare you for the changes that are happening. Still, if you remain flexible and open to new ways of moving forward, you will still be hugely successful.
Aquarius:You may be in a buoyant, energized mood right now, Aquarius, and you are ready to take on the world. Because of your uplifted state of mind, you may be open to every invitation or request for your time that you receive. While this may make you quite popular, it could also begin to tire you out when all the activity catches up with you. Be very discerning now in what you say yes to, because you will probably want some time to yourself very soon.
Pisces: You may be all fired up over a new venture, Pisces. The enthusiasm and excitement has been building up over the last few days, and you are ready to begin. However, you would be wise to sit back and wait until someone gives you a signal to proceed. If you jump in too quickly, before everyone else is ready, or before your resources are available, you may burn yourself out too quickly. If you take it slow, though, you will be the tortoise that wins the race.

Aries: Just because a loved one does not understand your recent decision to pursue a goal, does not mean that person won’t support you. You may assume that your conflict over a choice will drive you and someone you love apart, Aries, but that won’t happen if you handle it right. You have no reason to expect the worst from this person, and doing so would show a lack of faith on your part. Even though you have different views, your loved one will be there for you whether you fail or succeed.

Taurus: You may wish that you could read a certain person’s thoughts right now, Taurus. You would love to know this person’s opinion of you, or of something you are working on. It’s as though you are on a quest for validation so you can feel good about moving forward. You obviously can’t read this person’s thoughts though, and trying will only prove confusing. If you believe in what you are doing, then keep doing it. You shouldn’t care so much what someone else thinks.

Gemini: Someone you know through a family or friend connection may be your intellectual equal. Still, even though you could have many deep conversations with this person, you don’t find any other attraction there. You may not like this person’s styles, opinions, or interests, so you haven’t bothered to get closer. It might benefit you though, Gemini, to learn more about this person. You may even find that this person is a kindred spirit if you take the time to learn more.

Cancer: You have been going along with someone else’s plan for too long now, Moonchild. Even though you have some brilliant ideas of your own, you have followed another person’s path because it promised greater safety and security. But that person’s way may not be any more secure or protected than what you have in mind. More importantly, it isn’t what you have in mind! It is time to empower yourself by taking control of your own destiny. Forge your own path.

Leo: If you would like to get closer to a friend or a romantic partner, this is an excellent time to begin. This person may also wish to get closer to you because you have so much in common, and because there is a sense of closeness already. It doesn’t have to be awkward or complicated. Just set aside some quiet time to chat and learn more about each other. The more you know, the more you will like each other, and you could enjoy a true soulmate connection.

Virgo: You may want to express your views on a certain controversial topic, because doing so will give you the freedom to be yourself without having to hide anything. At the same time, Virgo, you happen to be a very private person, and revealing your true feelings doesn’t always come easy to you. Since your silence on the matter is affecting some aspect of your life,, it would be worth it to get your thoughts out into the open. Doing so will help you to feel freer.

Libra: Someone may be trying to send you a message, Libra, but the message isn’t coming through very clearly. In fact, this person’s ineptness at communication could be confusing you in a big way, and that can only create friction and misunderstandings. If you don’t understand what this person is getting at, then you might have to take a much more direct approach. In other words, come right out and ask. That may be the only way to clear things up. Even if you don’t agree, speaking up will end the guessing game.

Scorpio: Some people absolutely love coconut. Some people don’t like it at all. If you make the most scrumptious dessert anyone has ever tasted, and it contains coconut, the coconut lovers will be raving over it. No matter how excellent it is though, Scorpio, the people who just don’t like coconut still won’t like your dessert. In other words, no matter how good you are at something there will always be someone who won’t like what you have to offer. Don’t let it get to you if someone doesn’t appreciate your wonderfulness today.

Sagittarius: The winds of fate are blowing in your favor now, Sagittarius. The sun is at your back, and you may feel as though you have been blessed with extra power and more glorious connections. This is all true, and you need to embrace this sense of wonder and go with it. You can make your dreams come true now if you invest your time, energy, and passion. Don’t take this state lightly and don’t take it for granted, because it may not last long.

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