Daily Horoscope April 6th 

Capricorn: An old conflict between you and a close friend or romantic partner may be on your mind. You would love to have a chance to resolve it because you just can’t fully move on without doing so. However, Capricorn, this may not be the perfect time to bring it up. If you do, and the other party is not ready to deal with it, you could actually make it worse. If you tune in to the problem and the other person involved, and you wait for the right moment, you will have an excellent chance of resolving it amicably.
Aquarius: A creative project may have veered off into unintended territory. This may have caused you to feel rather frustrated and blocked. Maybe you can no longer envision the end result you had hoped for, which might cause you to want to give up. Don’t give up, Aquarius! It might be helpful to let go of what you have done so far and start from scratch. Or, you might want to reserve certain outstanding elements and create something around them. Doing this might spur your imagination to higher heights.
Pisces: You could wind up leading a team effort for a common goal. You may have the best creative ideas, Pisces, and you may not want to deviate from what you have in mind at all. If you take the lead without consulting others for their opinions and their own ideas, you could create some jealousy or resentment among the team. If you need the help, it would be smart to include those who are also involved as much as possible. Ask for their feedback and encourage their own activities. Your venture will benefit from a true team approach.

Aries: Wouldn’t you would love to present a great idea to friends or coworkers today? You may be feeling very confident about this idea, and you are probably filled with passion and enthusiasm. You probably think your presentation will go over very well, Aries, and it may. However, if you present your idea in a way that comes off as cocky or over-confident, you could wind up losing potential supporters. It’s all about your on attitude. If you share it rather than push it, the reaction will be much warmer.

Taurus: You may believe that arguing about a change in your responsibilities will wind up being the easiest path to take today, Taurus. After all, someone is expecting more of you than you feel you owe, and it’s only fair that you speak up – right? You may be right, but you may be in for even more aggravation if you argue about it. It might be easier to just go along with the plan rather than to create friction. Sometimes life is unfair. In this instance, though, you may find that going along with change will bring some unexpected benefits.

Gemini: Change is afoot with a newer project, Gemini, and you may have some ideas of what should be done. Your ideas may be brilliant, but you have to keep in mind that if you are the one who presents these ideas for change, then you could wind up bearing the brunt of the responsibilities. There is much to do to get things going in a different direction, and if you are the voice of this change, then you will be seen as the leader. If that’s okay with you, then go ahead and state your case.

Cancer: Discussing a conflict with a sibling or another close family member could be healing, but only if you handle it properly. If you enter into a conversation with anger and resentment, and if you are arrogant or hostile in the way you deal with this issue, then you will not be successful. But if you can keep in mind your fundamental feelings for your loved one, and you deal with the matter with respect, compassion, and carefully chosen words, you will both be grateful for a positive outcome.

Leo: You may think that you can make up for lost time now on a project that you abandoned a while ago. You didn’t want to let it go, but circumstances prevented you from moving forward with your project at the time. Now you want to catch up and get up to where you feel you should be. If you race forward though, Leo, you won’t give your venture the consideration it deserves, and you won’t wind up with the quality you aspire to. Take your time, and eventually you will complete your goal in an admirable fashion.

Virgo: Someone may attempt to pull you in as an ally in a dispute among mutual friends. Some little voice in your head may be telling you not to take sides, and you should heed that warning. If you do support one side over the other, it will surely create a conflict that will cause a lot of heartache and aggravation for you, and could very well wind up alienating you from both parties. Do your best to stay neutral, and if you can’t, then just distance yourself until it blows over.

Libra: Someone you have always been there for – someone you have encouraged, supported, and helped out whenever you could – may not be doing the same for you now. That must be very hurtful, Libra. You may be assuming that this individual does not feel as kindly toward you as you do toward them, and that’s a difficult thing for you to deal with. Before you assume that such an idea is accurate, though, you need to talk to your loved one and find out what’s really happening. You may discover that this lapse of caring has happened for some reason you can’t even imagine, and it may be easier to understand and accept.

Scorpio: You may have made a promise quite some time ago, but the opportunity to fulfill it never came about. Now the person who requested your assistance is ready for your help. This may be an inopportune time, Scorpio, because you have other work and other responsibilities to fulfill. However, rather than putting this off, you may be able to postpone your other duties so that you can see this through. Doing so would be very helpful to someone you care for, and you would be able to cross this obligation off your list.

Sagittarius: You may think you understand a friend’s or a family member’s position or opinion on something important, but you don’t really have any idea why this person feels as they do. If you generalize or trivialize what this person says to you, Sagittarius, you could cause some seriously hurt feelings, which could in turn create resentment and anger. This is an important relationship in your life, so it would be wise to take great care in now you discuss this matter. Try to put yourself in this person’s shoes before you embark on a discussion.

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