Daily Horoscope: May 27th


Someone you are dealing with is shrewd and ruthless. While you certainly have excellent business acumen, Capricorn, you are not as darkly driven as this individual. That means that you better take steps to protect an idea or a new endeavor before this person steps in and crushes what you have begun. After all, there may be some element of competition, and while you like to play fair, this other party may not be like-minded. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention.


Someone may be trying to intimidate you out of exploring a great idea, Aquarius. This person may be offering criticism on the pretext that it’s meant to be helpful and constructive. However, there could be quite a lot of jealousy there, and this person’s comments may be coming from that. You felt very sure of yourself when you began a new venture, and nothing should have changed that. Don’t let a competitor’s opinion cloud your judgment, because it might not be authentic.


Someone may be very impressed by a recent creative expression of yours, Pisces, but little do they know that you have so much more to offer. You may have toned down a creative venture recently because you were afraid that no one would understand you if you went all-out. However, your audience is seeking someone who is wildly imaginative, bright, and extraordinarily unique, and that is you to a “T,” Pisces. Don’t back down from a creative challenge. Give it all you’ve got!


You may be feeling agitated and worried, or just tense. It may be hard for you to spend time around other people because of your volatile emotional state right now. If you have the choice, you might want to isolate yourself and find something to do that can soothe your nerves. You should be able to fulfill any of the work you had planned, but dealing with people now may not be a great idea. If you must, though, do your best to remain calm and centered, and know that tomorrow will offer you a lighter and brighter state of mind.


You may have worries about an upcoming change at work or in your own business, Taurus. You can sense that something is brewing, but worrying about it will only create negative energy that you don’t need. Instead of trying to imagine what scenarios might unfold, use your imagination to think about only the best possibilities. You do have power over the future, and thinking optimistically is the way to begin. Don’t allow dark thoughts to lead you through the day. Keep your eyes toward the sky and stay hopeful.


You may feel that you are being torn between two friends or family members today, Gemini. They each want you on their side because you have so much to offer to a certain situation. However, the stress may be getting to you and causing you to feel the effects of the conflict. This is not your fish to fry though, and you can – and probably should – back out. If it’s gotten to the point where you are feeling gloomy or anxious, then you need to walk away.


Someone may imply that you are selfish for not wanting to accept an invitation or do something that is centered around a friend or associate. You are anything but selfish though, Cancer, and you shouldn’t listen to such insulting talk. If you want to bow out and decline an invitation, then you must surely have good reasons for it. On the other hand, there could possibly be something positive in the experience, and you should explore it fully before you say no.


There may be big demands on your time today from other people, Leo, but you have your own important agenda to tend to. Don’t let anyone else dictate how your day will go because you have a strong need to complete a mission, and that’s how it has to be. While friends or relatives may be very insistent on your help, you need to explain that your own obligations will have to take precedence today. If you cave in and cater to others, you will never complete an important job. Draw the line.


A money matter may require a lot of your time and attention today, Virgo. You aren’t usually sideswiped by surprises that involve your finances, but an error may have been exposed recently. This could have been an oversight on your part, but more likely it came about because of someone else. If you have drifted away from overseeing your finances lately, you need to get back on top of things. One small mistake could lead to a big problem if you aren’t careful.


Whether it is flattering or not, someone close to you might assume that some gossip they heard about you is absolutely true. While there may be bits and pieces of truth in what was heard, Libra, you can testify to the fact that a lot is either missing or completely incorrect. Hopefully you don’t feel as though you have to reveal anything personal to this person, because you don’t. At the same time, though, you want to correct whatever is misunderstood. Do so, but don’t elaborate.


You may have held back when it came to making complaints or offering constructive criticism about a relationship, but the time has come, Scorpio. You have dealt with certain challenging issues for far too long, and it is starting to wear you down. You may have avoided having that conversation out of fear that it will come down to a big fight with someone you care about, but there is no way to avoid the topic any longer. As long as you employ compassion and you try to understand this person’s point of view, you can have a reasonable, productive talk. Don’t put it off any longer.


You have been working on something alone and in secret, but it is about to hit the airwaves. Either a family member has discovered your venture, or you have slipped and said something unintentionally. Is it time to let that cat out of the bag, Sagittarius? You might as well because you can’t keep the lid on this one for too much longer anyway. Besides, if you have good news to share, it can be a joyous occasion for those you love. Gather loved ones together and share the news.

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