Capricorn: You may find yourself going along with someone’s directions simply because you don’t want to deal with the conflict that might ensue if you don’t. However, Capricorn, if you go along just to save yourself the aggravation of having a different opinion, you may wind up feeling disappointed in yourself – especially if this is an important matter. Don’t underestimate your ability to stand up and be true to yourself. You may have to endure a bit of conflict, but isn’t it worth it to be able to speak your mind freely?
Aquarius:You may be trying to impress someone who is rather offbeat, and in your quest to make an impression you might take a good idea way too far. You don’t have to stun anyone into having a high opinion of you, Aquarius. You are already an innovative thinker with unconventional ideas. You have the ability to blend creativity with good common sense and logic, and for that talent alone you will be recognized. Use your imagination, but don’t go to any extremes in an effort to dazzle.

Pisces: Are you feeling overshadowed by someone who seems brilliant, knowledgeable, and charming? You may think that you pale by comparison, Pisces, but in reality you shine like a bright star on a dark night. In fact, the person you admire may also feel the same way about you. You often compare yourself to others, and because of your humble nature, you don’t always realize how much you have to offer. Don’t compare yourself; just be true to your talents and allow yourself to shine in your own unique way.

Aries: You may think that you can get more for less if you take a shortcut with a current project. While it may seem freer and easier to go that route, Aries, it could cost you in other ways you aren’t even thinking about. You may be pressured for time and you may be short on help and resources, but if you cut out some of the work, you will likely wind up with less of what you want, rather than more. The first thing you need to do is to relax and to take a more serene approach to your goal. This alone will help you to see it more clearly.

Taurus: Something may not be working when it comes to your finances, Taurus. You may be having trouble designing and managing a budget that works for you, you might be over-extending yourself because of certain needs, or you are experiencing some unidentifiable problem that is causing your wallet to hemorrhage. This is a fixable problem, but you need to seek some kind of financial guidance. You can certainly do some research on finances as it relates to your predicament, or you can get help from an expert. Don’t ignore this issue, though.

Gemini: You may be clinging to some element of your past that just isn’t working for you anymore. This isn’t typical of you, Gemini; you are usually quite innovative and forward-thinking. However, there may be some sentimental factor here, and you are finding it hard to let go. While you can savor the idea and the memory of whatever it is you are clinging to, it just isn’t practical to keep incorporating it in your life. This is an auspicious time to say a ceremonial goodbye, and then seek new ways that will be better and more interesting.

Cancer: You may be so caught up in a dream now, and in finding a way to make it work, that you could be neglecting your need to socialize and to spend time doing other things you love to do. While your determination is certainly admirable, and while your dedication will surely lead you to success, there is nothing wrong with taking some time to distract yourself and indulge in other pleasures. In fact, Cancer, doing something less intense might actually free your imagination and relax you enough to enhance your efforts.

Leo: An old friend may be expressing resentment or jealousy over a new relationship of yours. This could be someone at work, a new love interest, or simply an acquaintance you may have in common. Although you have an endless well of love to share, Leo, this individual may be insecure and may covet your attention much of the time. Your personality is magnetic and many people are drawn to you, so you often meet people who love to spend time with you. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, but if you express your caring thoughts to your insecure friend, that should set things right.

Virgo: Are you putting off a big decision because you are afraid of making a mistake? You may be avoiding the issue completely and refusing to even consider it because it is too difficult to think about. However, if you don’t make this important decision, then someone else will make it for you, and you may wind up being very unhappy about that. Set aside some time to compare your options and to think deeply about this matter, and then just go with it. No regrets, Virgo.

Libra:You may be dealing with some deep and significant feelings now, Libra, You may not feel comfortable sharing what you are feeling, and you may be frustrated that no one understands. However, if you keep your emotions buried, you will have to continue to deal with a feeling of oppression and frustration. If you do reveal how you are feeling to someone close to you – someone who understands you – you will gain a great sense of relief, and a better understanding of yourself in the process.

Scorpio:Are you suddenly feeling more confident, more optimistic, and lighter of spirit? If so, Scorpio, you need to maintain that feeling the same way you would keep a fire burning – by feeding it and tending to it. You may have been surprised to realize that you were feeling hopeful again after so much time feeling downtrodden, but this is real and it marks a turning point in your life. You have every reason to be positive and hopeful now, and you will soon see proof of that.

Sagittarius:You have a lot of responsibilities of your own to deal with today, Sagittarius, but you might get caught up in another person’s drama anyway. Even though you should be checking your chores off a long list, someone else’s plaintive requests for your assistance could get to you. That’s fine as long as you set a limit for it, and as long as you know when to say enough is enough. If you spend more time or you go beyond what you can comfortably handle right now, you could get very far behind on important work.

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